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Evan Cassidy and Kevin Teinkin come by and talk about how Dennis Rodman paid Evan's rent this month

Dan Nolan (not funny) joins us this week and we talk about the paid audience work him and Bruce have been doing

This is an Episode of Mike Zalusky and Rick Storer's podcast Avast Ye Scoundrel the boys were on a few weeks ago

Bruce and Zach went to Earls house and talked shit about you

The boys did a few shows in San Luis Obispo last weekend and brought Danny Williams along, we recorded this in Mike Zalusky's backyard I don't apologize for the windchimes

We recorded outside of an open mic at 1 am because William Gilliam was there, we talked to him about the years he spent freeing the citizens of Iraq

The boys travel to John Parr's place to record and experience possibly the first ever podcast to cause an earthquake it's at 40 minutes or so

David Deery is the guest this week and he goes through all the shit in Zach's room

Willie Dynamite meets up with the boys and tells them about his most recent pickup basketball beef at LA fitness

Nicole Becannon stops into the Friends Forever Studio and you won't believe what she used skinny girl moscato for!!!

Carmen Morales and Bryan Vokey (No Sir I Don't Like It) square off with the Friends Forever boys for the brawl of the century

Salt Lake City/San Francisco comic Jackson Banks stops by the Friends Forever boxing gym to go a few rounds with the boys  

The boys assdial Dan Nolan and then realize they can't get off the call so they made it into a podcast, Dan was hiking the Appalachian Trail during this. He quit the next day and h...

All around good guy Mikey Mckernan brings the boys a joint and they record a podcast while smoking it Music by B.young

Matt Lockwood and Ben Avery met up with the boys at a doctors office in West Los Angeles (USA) to prove they are not retarded 

Christian Pieper comes by the Friends Forever Compound to talk about his new Morman comedy Special and his dad almost getting shot in the fuckin head   You can watch Christian's n...

Dan Nolan is back from his 1st Annual "Bombing Across America" Tour and he comes by the studio to talk all about it

Popular ventriloquist Danny Williams and his favorite dummy Daniel Moquin stop by the Friends Forever studios to drop off a meatloaf recipe

Ep. 15: Nasty Boys

The boys are alone again, and this time they are bein' real bad

The boys are joined Bret Banta & Bryan Vokey, who you may remember as the Father-Son duo who attacked Kansas City Royals First Base Coach Tom Gamboa in 2002 

Ep. 13: + A bag of chips

The boys are solo again but don't worry, this episode has everything! 

Ep. 12: Foot Stuff

The boys talk all about Bruce's foot which ended up having a broken bone and 3 torn ligaments, and much much more. Bruce is off them pills.

Ali Macofsky comes by the precinct to talk about how bad of a driver she is, ha ha ladies can't drive right fellas? Also Bruce is fucked up on pain killers this episode because of ...

Bruce and Zach head over to the house Bryan is house sitting, it is obvious Bryan does not want them there

Anthony Desamito comes by Friends Forever studios and the boys help him cyberbully his molester

Kevin Tienken regretfully joins the boys for a rousing good time, Bryan Vokey produces the living shit out of this episode.  *THIS EPISODE IS FOR TRUE FANS ONLY*

The boys talk about the bad shows they did this week and Bruce loses his keys

Dan Nolan joins the team to talk about county jail and the 1 other thing that makes him interesting. We also take a call from Richie Gaines.

Zach overhears some casual racism at a baseball game

Felicia Folkes stops by the Friends Forever studios to tell Zach that he is gross among other things, this episode is VERY FUNNY

Bruce and Zach tell a bunch of bad stories again

Bryan Vokey comes on to diss the pod and makes up conspiracy theories          

Ep 1: Situational Nazis

The boys realize they would have to be Nazis if they went to prison :(